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    Immigration Waiver Success Stories

    Below are three of our immigration waiver success stories. Although we have changed our clients’ names and have removed certain identifying details, all of the following immigration waiver success stories are real.

    “Jose” and “Maria”

    Our client, “Jose,” and his U.S. citizen wife, “Maria,” were born in the Dominican Republic. Maria became a U.S. citizen legally, but Jose entered the U.S. with a fake visa that wasn’t detected by border control. Jose and Maria met in the U.S., and after many years together were married and had two children. Unfortunately, both of their children were born with chronic illnesses that put a huge financial strain on the family. Jose became the sole supporter of the family so Maria could care for their children full-time.

    Maria and Jose decided to hire a notario publicio to file for Jose’s Green Card. Notario publicios often scam immigrants who are unaware of the strict immigration laws of the U.S. The notario hired by Jose and Maria excluded information about Jose’s fake visa from the immigration paperwork, and didn’t show up to translate for Jose at his immigration interview. Jose spoke little English, so the interview went poorly and Jose’s case was denied because of fraud issues.

    The couple came to our offices for legal assistance to apply for an immigration waiver. During their complicated case, the government lost key documents proving Jose’s entry into the U.S., and a USCIS officer threatened Jose. Despite this, we used inventive legal means to get a successful outcome for our client, including having Jose take a polygraph exam to prove his story. We successfully showed that Jose’s wife and sick children would suffer extreme financial and emotional hardship if he was deported.

    Jose’s waiver request was approved, and he received his Green Card. If Jose and Maria had approached a legitimate immigration attorney from the start, their case could have been resolved much faster. The fraudulent notario‘s actions almost resulted in Jose’s permanent removal from the U.S. For this reason, it is vital that you consult with a legitimate attorney when seeking help for an immigration matter.

    “James” and “Flora”

    Our U.S. citizen client, “Flora,” met her Scottish husband “James” aboard the cruise ship where James worked as an engineer. Flora and James immediately began a relationship after meeting.  The couple was often separated for long periods, including a year when James served American military members during Desert Storm. Their relationship continued as the couple grew elderly, and Flora became dependent on James. He cared for Flora during several battles with pneumonia and cancer.

    During their long relationship, James overstayed his visa three times. Two of those times he overstayed by over a year. This automatically results in a ten-year ban from the U.S. When James tried to enter the U.S. for a regular visit, he was deported. After his deportation, James and Flora married, and the couple came to our office to get a Green Card for James.

    We argued that Flora, who was almost eighty-years-old, would suffer extreme hardship if she and James were separated, or if she was forced to move to Scotland to join him. We used creative legal means to prove this, including discussing James’ important service to the American military during the Gulf War. We also gathered several letters of support from Flora’s friends and family showing that Flora was extremely depressed and lonely without James.

    James’ immigration waiver application was approved and he received his Green Card. If James and Flora knew about the consequences of an overstayed visa, they might have married and applied for his Green Card much earlier. When U.S. immigration laws are broken, there are serious consequences, so it is important to speak to an experienced immigration attorney who can explain these laws to you.

    “Luisa” and “Juan”

    Our client, “Luisa,” and her U.S. citizen husband, “Juan,” were born in the Dominican Republic. Juan became a U.S. citizen legally, but Luisa tried to enter the U.S. with a fake visa that was detected at the border. Luisa was deported, but Juan petitioned for her to come to the U.S. as his fiancée. The visa was approved, and Luisa married Juan soon after arriving in the U.S.

    After their marriage, Luisa applied for her Green Card. However, due to a government error, an important letter for Luisa was delivered late, and she missed her immigration interview as a result. Luisa’s immigration attorney at the time also forgot to tell Luisa about the immigration interview date. Luisa was ordered to be deported from the U.S. because of the missed interview. Luisa’s attorney did a poor job disputing the deportation order in immigration court, and she was denied.

    By the time Luisa and Juan came to us, they had gone through four immigration attorneys. We used inventive legal means to argue Luisa’s case in immigration court, including hiring a psychologist to show that Juan had become extremely depressed and anxious because of Luisa’s immigration problems. Our lawyers argued that Luisa’s family would’ve suffered emotionally and financially if she was deported.

    We won the case in immigration court, and Luisa received her Green Card. None of the four immigration attorneys Luisa hired before us were able to resolve her case. If Luisa and Juan had approached us first, their case could have been resolved faster. It is important to hire an experienced attorney when seeking help for an immigration matter.